Operational Finance is where Finance, Accounting and Bookkeeping meet to create a service that’s bigger, better & highly affordable.

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Operational finance takes business accounting to the next level: it answers the questions that accounting can’t. Questions like:

How can I spend less money on running my business?

Why am I making more sales but not making more profit?

How can I make more money without spending it all on advertising?

Why is so much money being tied up in my business’ operations?

Why bother with Operational Finance?

Because Operational Finance exists to maximise a business’ profitability by changing how things are done and how decisions are made.

The vast majority of the time, business accountants help their clients meet tax and regulatory requirements.

You would have noticed that really successful businesses don’t have a CAO (a Chief Accounting Officer) – they have a Chief Financial Officer. A CFO is able to understand the internal financials of a business and apply that to the external financial world that we all live in. It goes beyond accounting. This is why we have CFOs instead of CAOs.

So when your business has an Operational Finance function, you’re running a sophisticated business.

What does Operational Finance do?

Operational Finance sets your business up for success by giving you the advice that increases cashflow and profitability. It’s that simple.

Businesses that do these two things right are the truly successful ones. They’re the ones that create wealth for their owners, grow sustainably and weather the storms.

Set up streamlined systems & bookkeeping

Manage books without fuss. Data entry; bank reconciliation; the processing of invoices, receipts, payments and running payroll. 

Stay on top of business obligations

Run payroll, submit BAS and other government/regulatory reporting.

Cash flow forecasting & management

Take the actions that keep money in the company’s bank account, instead of being tied up in unnecessary costs. Find ways to bring more cash in.

Apply Economic, Finance & Market Insights

Apply economic and financial principles that make the business more profitable in constantly evolving markets, and to be ahead of the market.

Business Analysis & Reporting

Dive deep into the numbers of the business to figure out where the money is coming in and going out. Find the levers that affect the true health of the business.

Effective Business Budgeting

Keep the costs of the business under control. Support the different functions of a business to be industry-competitive.

Provide Actionable Advice

Give the business leaders specific, actionable advice that drives profitable outcomes.

Provide ongoing education

Educate the people in the business so the standard in the business keeps improving.

How much does it cost?

The costs of our services vary on the size and complexity of your business, and the specific services you choose. We will need to speak to you in order to give you a specific price. Generally speaking, our prices are similar to that of a typical bookkeeping service.

Is Operational Finance right for my business?

If you run a digital or professional services business that wants to increase profitability through the application sophisticated finance and economic principles, then Operational Finance is for you.

It's been great to be able to get all of our data into once place, know that the integrity's there and be able to use that and rely on that to make better decisions, which is exactly what I need as a CEO.

Simon Griffiths, CoFounder and CEO of Who Gives a Crap

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Does that all sound good? Here is what to do next.

  1. Start by booking a 20-minute consultation video call with one of our team members. This will give us the opportunity to get to know you and your business and ensure we’ll be a good fit for your requirements. We’ll also be able to guide you on what package is most suitable for you.
  2. If everything ticks off and you’re comfortable with our process, you’re ready to sign up! We will get you on-boarded with us to ensure a seamless transition from your existing processes.
  3. We’re onto implementing Operational Finance into your business. If you have questions, concerns, or just want to know everything’s going to be alright, you can get hold of your team instantly via email or phone. We’re here for you.

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