We exist to provide entrepreneurs with the financial support, analysis and insights they need to unlock business value.

SBO Financial is an accounting business, built by founders to serve founders.

We were fed up with the old way of doing accounting. Too much talk about the past, not enough focus on the future, and most conversations solely orientated around taxes. Ugh.

Founders and CEOs of high-growth businesses need a different type of accountant to the typical small business advisor. They need a financial partner to be across the numbers – and to help them reveal the story the numbers are telling. Margins, cash flow, unit economics, sophisticated forecasting… and, yes, taxes.

That’s why we founded SBO Financial. Yes, we’re accountants, but in addition to keeping your books in order and filing your taxes, we give you proactive analysis and advice.

We call this Operational Finance.

It’s about turning bookkeeping and accounting into sophisticated finance for growth-obsessed entrepreneurs. It’s the expertise to turn backward-looking reporting into the forward-looking insights, strategies and planning that businesses need to grow.

Accounting looks at the past. Operational finance is about executing for the future.

Ultimately, we help our clients make deliberate and confident financial decisions in their business. It’s not just a new way of doing accounting – it’s a better way.

Who we serve

We serve founders with a growth mindset who want to level up their skills as entrepreneurs and make their businesses more sophisticated.

We help founders move away from a ‘gut feel’ approach to running their business, towards an approach that is informed by financial rigor.

We also help financial controllers and CFOs to scale their back office so they can focus on the strategic and operational issues within the business that really deserve their attention.

And we provide the visibility and iterative feedback that high-growth businesses need from their finance team to ensure they are growing sustainably.

Meet the team

We’re a human service business, elevated by technology.

SBO Financial is a fully remote company of accountants, bookkeepers, financial analysts and numbers nerds — expanding across Australia, India and the Philippines. We serve entrepreneurs across Australia, USA and UK.

Our values

Assiduity Image


Showing great care and attention to detail.

Humility Image


Having a modest view of one’s importance.

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Developing physically, mentally, or spiritually.

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Being coherent and intelligible.


We’re assembling a team of growth-minded finance
professionals who want to work with some of the most exciting
high-growth companies in Australia, USA and UK.