Rod Thompson


With over 20 years in the finance and accounting profession, Rod Thompson brings a wealth of expertise and a proven track record of reliability and commitment to SBO Financial.

Three words to describe himself:

Honest, Reliable, Committed

Why does he love his job?

Rod loves his job because he enjoys seeing others achieve their goals, especially when he has played a role in helping them succeed.

What does he like to do?

When he’s not immersed in financial strategies, Rod spends quality time with his family and friends and follows any sport involving a ball.

Three sentences to describe Rod:

Rod enjoys life and strives to maintain a balance between staying fit, enjoying good food and wine, and spending time with friends, which is why the gym is a regular part of his routine. He loves traveling to experience different cultures, meet new people, and attend sporting events. Passionate about helping people improve in business and life, Rod dedicates himself to his role at SBO and coaches amateur Rugby in his spare time.

One Thing Nobody Knows About Him:

Rod was once a contestant on Perfect Match.