Vanessa Firth

Vanessa Firth


With over 30 years of experience, Vanessa brings a wealth of expertise to SBO Financial, helping entrepreneurs unlock business value.

Three words to describe herself:

Data Lover, Process Driven, Music Tragic

Why does she love her job?

“I love that we get to work with passionate business people who have strong visions.”

What does she like to do?

Outside of work, Vanessa is a music enthusiast. She enjoys watching, playing, and performing music whenever she gets the chance.

Three sentences to describe Vanessa:

An IT nerd who loves exploring new apps and innovative ways to accomplish tasks. A music lover who can’t get enough of live music, the louder, the better. A water baby at heart, always seeking out coastal destinations when traveling.

One thing that nobody knows about Vanessa:

“I used to own a bar. The best day of my life was when I could buy alcohol wholesale. We were known for our comedy nights and very loud gigs!”