Waner Ren

Client Manager


Waner brings over six years of experience in preparing tax returns and financial statements for diverse entities. Additionally, she possesses nearly a decade of expertise in the commercial sector, where she has served in roles such as management accountant, financial accountant, and finance business partner. In these capacities, Waner has been entrusted with overseeing standard financial reporting and managing finance-related projects.

Three words to describe herself:

Adaptable, Compassionate, Collaborative

Why does she love her job?

Waner loves her role because it allows her to engage with complex financial situations and contribute to making strategic decisions, ultimately aiding her clients in building successful and stable businesses.

What does she like to do?

  • Reading
  • Singing karaoke
  • Dancing
  • Acupuncture

Three sentences to describe herself:

Waner adores cute animals, especially cats and dogs. She cherishes her free time, but she also enjoys working. For her, working is an opportunity to channel her time and energy into something positive and fulfilling.

One thing that nobody knows about her:

Waner appreciates the invention of keyboards because without them, her handwriting would easily be mistaken for a primary school student’s.