Operational finance is for creating stability in uncertainty. opportunities for growth. actionable plans & advice.

Operational finance makes sense of businesses in constantly evolving markets. Get expert advice from experienced financial operators.

The idea of a stable, growing business

High sales volumes

Raising lots of money

Big head count

Lots of cash in the bank

The reality of a stable, growing business

Making profitable sales

Being cashflow positive

Having highly utilised teams

Putting money to work

What you get


We crunch the numbers to show you how the market, your expenses and your revenue are all affecting your business, often in unexpected ways.

Actionable Advice

You get specific, actionable advice on what needs to change so you can get real outcomes for your business.

SBO is a team of accountants and analysts that are experts at putting the financial processes in place to help you achieve your business goals. Oh, and we speak plain english. No corporate accounting jargon.

How we do it

Streamlined systems and bookkeeping

We help you streamline your internal systems with smart software. Our dedicated team of Chartered Accountants manage your books, lodge your BAS and run payroll.

Budgeting and reporting

Gain visibility and insight into your business as we help you define the key numbers critical to your success. We help you make sense of the numbers to inform smart decisions.

Cash flow forecasting

We help you manage your cash flow so you have comfort and certainty about the future.

Ongoing education

We’re on a mission to improve the financial literacy of entrepreneurs. Through our monthly calls, webinars and content, you too can make financial decisions like the best in the business.

It's been great to be able to get all of our data into once place, know that the integrity's there and be able to use that and rely on that to make better decisions, which is exactly what I need as a CEO.

Simon Griffiths, CoFounder and CEO of Who Gives a Crap

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Big businesses leverage finance expertise for stability and growth. You can too.


Let’s face it, accounting can be boring.

But it doesn’t have to be. Check out our book, Stark Naked Numbers and learn what your numbers are trying to tell you.

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We’ll take care of your numbers and tell you what you need to know.

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