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Catch of the day: A Financial Teardown

Catchoftheday: A financial teardown

I’ve recently returned for my first international holiday since COVID – a hiking trip in the Canadian Rockies with the family. For the first time since I can remember, I intentionally switched off from work. I turned on my ‘OOO’. Deleted all work apps from my phone. “Lost” my passwords. I couldn’t even login to…

Come on, get appy: Three accounting apps that can help your ecommerce business thrive

If you run an ecommerce business, you’ll know the importance of having accurate (and stress-free) finances. But managing your sales channels together with your accounting software can be messy – and cost you hours. Luckily, there are some pretty great operational tools in place that easily integrate with your Xero suite, and our accounting team…

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Tax-free electric cars? What you need to know about the fringe benefits tax exemption for electric vehicles

By Andrew Law (Head of Tax) and Simon Davis (Head of Business Development) It’s not often that tax legislation gets anyone’s motor running, but a new proposal from the Federal Government that would exempt electric cars from fringe benefits tax (FBT) has people talking – and it might finally shift Australia’s transition towards EVs into…

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spreading the wealth: why we implemented equity-like compensation for our team

Spreading the wealth: Why we implemented equity-like compensation for our team

Want to make your business more appealing to jobseekers, and incentivise your current employees to stick around and keep bringing their A-game? Then you should be looking at ways for your team to share in your company’s success. Over the past several years, we’ve had ongoing conversations here at SBO Financial about how we can…

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