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The hidden profits in pallets: A financial teardown of Brambles

Take a look around your house. Every item of furniture you own, every product in your pantry, every material of your house construction would have been transported, at some point, on a wooden pallet. The humble pallet is the vessel that transports $trillions of goods around the globe. The design hasn’t changed in decades. It’s…

Tax-free electric cars? What you need to know about the fringe benefits tax exemption for electric vehicles

By Andrew Law (Head of Tax) and Simon Davis (Head of Business Development) This article was updated on 27 February 2023. It’s not often that tax legislation gets anyone’s motor running, but a new bill from the Federal Government that exempts electric cars from fringe benefits tax (FBT) has people talking – and it might…

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BROSA: A financial teardown

Home truths: A financial teardown of Brosa

Furniture and homewares retailers are getting crushed right now. Made.com, the UK’s publicly listed furniture store, stopped taking orders last month, citing solvency issues. Interiordefine, a custom online furniture retailer in the US, entered voluntary administration last month. And Brosa, the Australian online furniture retailer, entered voluntary administration last month, and was acquired by Kogan.…

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