Expert Bookkeeping Need not be Expensive

Even a small company should have a bookkeeper these days. There is no overstating the importance of the role this professional plays in the company. It’s the bookkeeper who enter, organises and updates your company’s financial records, checks your statements for errors and if they’re good process your payroll. 

Bookkeeper’s charge between $60-90 an hour and can spend countless hours doing your books – can you afford this right now? Are you running a small company that can’t yet afford these costs?

Of course, you can also be your own bookkeeper, but remember you’ve got to have the skills so you don’t make a mess of the books. This will also require time and will have you most likely spending long hours into the night counting away. It will also take some of your focus away from your company. You will also need storage space for a ton of papers, records, receipts, invoices and even more papers.

Are you open to trying another solution? Why not outsource your bookkeeping with Smartbooks Online?

What is Smartbooks Online? Smartbooks Online is a bookkeeping service that can run your bookkeeping for small and medium enterprises and also cater to freelancers. They also use with Xero, a very versatile business management and accounting tool used by over 300,000 small business owners, accountants and customers in the United Kingdom, the US and Australia.

What is your participation in the process? It is limited to simply mailing them your transaction records, receipts and other similar documents weekly via their reply-paid envelope and they can start to work immediately, that’s it.

Smartbooks Online also has plans to cater to the size of business you have, and, of course, what budget you currently have.

Their Small Business Package can accommodate businesses with up to 75 supplier invoices a month for only $300. This package already covers an unlimited number of bank lines and also includes monthly ready management accounts as well as subscriptions to Xero and the Shoeboxed filing system.

For the Medium Business Package, they can handle up to 250 supplier invoices per month. The $600 price tag still includes unlimited bank lines, monthly ready management accounts and Xero and Shoeboxed subscriptions.

Smartbooks Online also has a ‘Catch Up’ service for when you are months behind on your bookkeeping. They can also prepare your payroll taking into account staffing changes and leave credits so you can focus your attention on more important things.

You should never begin business without a bookkeeper. However, if you are raring to go, get the next best thing and go for Smartbooks Online; expert bookkeeping does not have to break your budget.

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