eBook: The Business Cashflow Guide for Agencies

Want to know what the CFO of a digital agency would do to manage the current economic conditions? We’ve created a comprehensive guide for agency owners and managers with strategies to weather this storm.

SBO The Business Cashflow Guide for Agencies

Every digital agency needs to have a cash flow plan in place to understand how much cash (client retainers) you need to cover your expenses (staff and resources). In this ebook we share the strategies and adjustments agency operators can make to improve their cash flow – and make sure it is realistic in any economic climate. If you do this work now, you’ll prepare your business in the event of an economic downturn, putting you in the best position to withstand slower periods. Furthermore, it can even set you up to seize opportunities when the market rebounds. As chartered accountants and business advisors to digital agencies, we have been in “battle stations” preparing our clients for potential economic challenges. In this article, we unpack the playbook to share how you can prepare your business, too. Download the free eBook by filling in this form:

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