Give before you receive

‘Giving before you receive (or ask)’ is an attitude central to every religion and is a fundamental component of all successful relationships. Collaborating and being willing to share is vital if humans are to coexist fruitfully.

And this philosophy applies to business relationships as much as it does to life. 

But the thing that frequently astounds me is that quite often people forget this notion when it comes to business or their career.

I do understand and appreciate that when we have targets to hit and bills to pay, the pressure is on to hustle. It’s crucial to ask for referrals, to ask for that pay rise. The issue I have is that a lot of people are in such a rush that they go for the “ask” too early.

We’ve all been guilty of it. I pull myself up on it occasionally and I probably still do it subconsciously without even realising.

Of course, sometimes there is no other option. And most times people are happy offer a lending hand, even if you’re a stranger or we’re just getting to know each other. It’s the Australian culture to help out a mate.

BUT if you come knocking on doors asking for a leg up or help – COME BEARING GIFTS. Think of ways you can provide and add value before simply expecting to receive it.

My most rewarding relationships have been built by giving my time and energy to help others. This has been through working collaboratively with people to achieve a common goal which (hopefully) has a positive impact on society with no expectation of any material benefit in return. Lately I’ve been surprised at where those relationships have taken me (hence this blog post). It’s magic.


If you bring the giving mindset to your business and not just your personal life, your ROI will be tenfold. Guaranteed.

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