The Company

Who Gives a Crap (WGAC) is an Australian based eCommerce business that sells forest friendly tissues, paper towels and toilet paper. They have business units operating in Australia, the USA and UK and sell their products products all around the world. WGAC is a social enterprise – 50% of all profits are donated to help build toilets throughout the developing world.

In the four years since they’ve been operating, the company has donated over $1.175 million dollars to building toilets for those in need.

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The Problem

As a fast growing business, expanding its operations globally, the CEO Simon Griffiths was facing challenges around the scalability and accuracy of their internal financial processes. Simon was looking for a service provider that knew their business model, had the capability to service their needs and scale with them as their company continued to grow.

“When we first got in touch with SBO we were facing some challenges. We needed a provider that could ensure that our accounting and bookkeeping was being done accurately and on time and with a level of control that were really happy with. It was always challenging to find a provider that could cater to our needs.”

Our Process

As the CEO of a global ecommerce business, Simon was already comfortable with the idea of using external service providers to handle the company’s finances. The priority for Simon was ensuring whoever he partnered with could deliver on their promise.

“One of the biggest obstacles with changing bookkeeping providers is that it usually takes a few months to get set up and then another few months after that until you realize if everything’s working well or if things are not.”

“Before I started with SBO I reached out to a few of their clients and had conversations with them about the quality of their service. Everything looked great, so, we were happy to jump in the deep end with them and it’s been a really smooth process ever since day one. Of the very, very, rare mistakes we flag, they get picked up straight away and corrected in a manner that’s really positive.”

“After our onboarding session, we did a diagnostic on their stock control and inventory management systems, and identified ways to improve efficiency and accuracy of reporting.”


“SBO has helped our business challenges beyond just bookkeeping and accounting as well. After understanding how our business operates, they have helped us dive deeper into some of our metrics. They’ve provided additional analysis on certain functions of our business to help us better understand our business drivers.”

“It’s been great to be able to get all of our data into once place, know that the integrity’s there and be able to use that and rely on that to make better decisions, which is exactly what I need as a CEO, to make sure that I can do my job really well.”

“If there’s anything that’s outside of their core capability, they’ve put us in touch with other financial advisors in their network. This has been critical to accelerate the pace of how quickly we can execute.”

The SBO Difference

wgac simon griffiths

Simon Griffiths – Cofounder and CEO of Who Gives a Crap

“Compared to other bookkeeping and accounting firms that we’ve worked with, SBO really goes the extra yard to get under the hood of your business. They understand how your financial data is working and then use that to help us make better decisions. They’re really keen to make sure that everything’s done to 100% accuracy and best practice. That’s quite different to other bookkeepers and accountants that we’ve previously worked with, where the common response is – ‘good enough’.

With SBO, they’re always willing to go the extra mile to make sure that we’ve got something that is exactly what we need to achieve our goals.”

Summary of SBO services

  • Chart of accounts refinement
  • Weekly bookkeeping, reconciliations, inter-entity transaction management across multinational business units
  • Transfer pricing accounting
  • Profit margin analysis
  • Inventory management system implementation
  • KPI establishment
  • Employee expense claim management
  • Unlimited email and phone support

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