In this era of digital disruption, entrepreneurs need real-time information to keep them ahead of the curve. The most successful organisations that thrive in this environment have one thing in common – they are data driven. They capture and measure everything about their business to constantly iterate and improve.

Unfortunately the finance functions of many businesses are still operating in the industrial age. Traditionally bookkeepers gave business owners outdated financial information in a standard, mostly useless format, which gave them no insight to their business –  Tax compliance was the goal.

We found a disconnect between what firms were offering and what businesses need to thrive.

Introducing Bookkeeping 2.0

Bookkeeping 2.0 gives entrepreneurs current, almost immediate, accurate financial data in the form of metrics that are relevant to your industry and business. We take care of the back office bookkeeping function of your business and set you up with a live business analytics dashboard so you have oversight of your business. Think of it like a pilot does the instruments on their cockpit dashboard. When you can lay all of your critical numbers out in front of you, you can not only keep the plane flying, but make sure you get to your intended destination too.

Our team of Chartered Accountants are your trusted CoPilots to support you through your journey.