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The 3 step process to improving the productivity of your Digital Agency

By far one of the biggest performance issues we see across digital agencies is under utilisation of staff. Our recent digital agency whitepaper showed that the average productivity rates across digital firms in Australia is 83%. Yet among firms we talk to, it is not uncommon to…

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Lesson learnt #2: Know your customer. The 3 step process we used to determine our target market

Niching for a Startup is critical. It levels the playing ground between small and large businesses.The challenge is however, when you start a new venture or develop a new product, you say yes to anything and everything.You take every meeting, every phone call, every bit…

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The MOST important metric professional services businesses fail to capture

ATTENTION: Lawyers, accountants, architects, creative agencies, recruiters, financial planners, consultants…any other business in the business of ‘buying and selling’ time……this applies to you.Some seasoned entrepreneurs may say revenue growth, profitability, lock up - amongst others - are the most important metrics to your business. Of…

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