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Is your business model making you wealthy?

Building a financially successful business is mostly about what business model you choose to operate. Throughout my 15+ year career as a chartered accountant and business advisor, I’ve worked with hundreds of businesses—ranging from small businesses and startups—all the way to publicly-traded companies. I’ve stripped…

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Should My Restaurant Offer UberEats?

An analysis on the ROI of delivery platforms I rarely had ‘takeaway’ meals as a child. For us, it was a luxury. My stereotypical Asian mother drilled into us that ‘eating-out’ was a waste of money. "Why spend money on expensive junk food when my…

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Fail Fast – The 5 invaluable lessons we’ve learnt @SmartBooks Online

SmartBooks Online has been floating around the internet over the last 12 months. During that time, Rowan and I were both working full time and progressing in our respective careers - jobs that we genuinely enjoyed doing - whilst running the business by night.Some called it…

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So, what the hell is a Startup?

The term ‘Startup’ has been thrown around with increased frequency over the past few years. It’s become the new ‘sexy’ way of describing your business/hobby/piece of software/concept. The problem is that it’s used in so many facets that I don’t know what it actually means…

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What’s your time actually worth?

I see business owners everywhere constantly living the struggle. The struggle of running a small business.“I'm stuck in the start-upy phase at the moment. I'm so busy trying to manage my staff, do business development, manage my do the work!”Days are spent fulfilling a…

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