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Give before you receive

‘Giving before you receive (or ask)’ is an attitude central to every religion and is a fundamental component of all successful relationships. Collaborating and being willing to share is vital if humans are to coexist fruitfully.And this philosophy applies to business relationships as much as…

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What’s your time actually worth?

I see business owners everywhere constantly living the struggle. The struggle of running a small business.“I'm stuck in the start-upy phase at the moment. I'm so busy trying to manage my staff, do business development, manage my do the work!”Days are spent fulfilling a…

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Going out on your own… Should you take the jump?

I read an interesting discussion on Quora this week about society being conditioned for employment as opposed to other sources of income, presumably being in business for yourself.  I then recalled three conversations I’ve had this week with different friends, who each expressed how unhappy they were…

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