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The tools and tactics we use to manage our distributed team

The distributed team model has been a common approach to work in software companies. Multimillion dollar companies like Zapier and Basecamp have their teams distributed all over the world. The WordPress parent company Automattic (valued at over $1.16B) boasts over 500 staff located in 57 countries. The…

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Why Your Business Should Aspire to be Like McDonalds

If you ask any company what businesses they look to for inspiration, they will no doubt refer to the technology household names – Uber, Tesla, Apple, Google.While innovation must be a key value driver to every organisation, it’s not surprising that organisations become caught up…

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How we have (almost) killed email

Initially hailed as a cheaper way for people to communicate – a killer app invented in the 90s, email is now considered a chore. The more organised of us block out periods of time in our day to tackle them with the goal of ‘inbox…

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Timesheets are dead. Long live timesheets

Myself and timesheets have a love-hate relationship. While I detest completing them on a day-to-day basis, unfortunately I cannot live without them.Allow me to explain.If you have worked (or are working) as a practicing accountant, lawyer, consultant or in any other profession in the business…

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What’s your time actually worth?

I see business owners everywhere constantly living the struggle. The struggle of running a small business.“I'm stuck in the start-upy phase at the moment. I'm so busy trying to manage my staff, do business development, manage my do the work!”Days are spent fulfilling a…

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